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BioFreezeĀ® Pain Reliever
ObusForme Back Belts
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ObusForme Backrests
ObusForme Back Support Driver's Seat Cushion With Heat, Conforms To Your Back's Natural Curvature, Enhancing Proper Posture, Adjustable Lumbar, Ergonomic Support With Multi-Zone Massage
ObusForme Highback Backrest Support, Extra Long To Support Your Head and Neck, Removable & Adjustable Lumbar Support, Handle For Portability, Conforms To Natural Spinal Curvature Relieve Back Pain
ObusForme Supporting Roll, Support For Your Lower Back Or Neck Anywhere You Go, Perfect For Use In Car, Planes, Trains Or Anywhere, Provides Excellent Support For Your Lower Back and Neck
ObusForme Lowback Backrest Support, Removable Adjustable Lumbar Support, Contoured Cushioning Provides Supportive Comfort, Handle For Portability, Hypoallergenic Cover Can Be Removed To Wash
ObusForme Lowback Backrest Support System - Adjustable Lumbar Support, Contoured Cushioning Support, Handles, Hypoallergenic Cover. Portable Lumbar Support Cushion
ObusForme Lowback Accessories
ObusForme CustomAIR Backrest With Adjustable Inflatable Lumbar Support, Position Your Spine For Proper Anatomical Alignment In The Home, Office or Car, Includes Hypoallergenic Removable Cover
ObusForme Side To Side With Massage, Enhances Your Posture By Supporting Proper Spinal Alignment, Help Prevent Fatigue, Includes Massage To Sooth And Relax Your Body, Adjustable Elastic Straps
ObusForme Supporting Roll With Massage, Soothing Massage and Support For Your Lower Back or Neck Anywhere You Go, Two Massage Speeds, Perfect For Travel, Provides Excellent Support For Your Lower Back
ObusForme Ultra Backrest Support, Conforms To Your Spine, Soft and Durable Polyurethane Foam, Biomechanically Molded, Impact Resistant, Polycarbonate Core Structure, For Optimum Comfort
ObusForme Wideback Backrest Support Engineered For The Human Body, Removable & Adjustable Lumbar Support, Reduce Pressure On Your Back, Extra Wide For Broader Backs, S Shape Back Support
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ObusForme Gel Seat Cushion, Contoured Memory Foam Base For Comfort and Support, Includes Soft Gel Insert To Cushion Sitting Bones, Hybrid Gel/Memory Foam Designed For A Luxurious Sitting Experience
ObusForme Airflow Comfort Seat, Ergonomic Frame Flexes To Adapt To Personal Pressure Points, Exceptional Combination Of Comfort, Support and Breathability With Cooling Air Flow
ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion, Hold Pelvis And Hips In A Balanced Position, High-Density Foam For Superior Comfort, Flexible Support Panel To Evenly Distributes Body Weight
ObusForme Black Sit-Back Dual Purpose Cushion, High Density Molded Memory Foam For Ergonomic Comfort, Supports Lower Back Or Seat, Use As A Seat Cushion Or a Backrest
ObusForme Sleep
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